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MegaFon is a national operator of digital opportunities and holds leading positions in all segments of the Russian telecommunications market. The company's services are used by 75.4 million customers. Four-time winner of the "Fastest Mobile Network in Russia" award from Ookla. It has the widest network coverage, according to Roskomnadzor. It offers a wide range of technological solutions for business and the state, implements complex integration projects, and is the first to introduce innovative technologies on the market.


Piter-IX is a network of geographically dispersed traffic exchange points connected by Nx10G/40G/100G data channels. In each geographic location, points of presence are located in places where operators and content are concentrated. Within one location, the sites are connected by a high-speed network; between locations in different regions, the connection is implemented via Nx10G/40G/100G channels.

At the moment, more than 400 operators are included, nodes and local traffic exchange points are deployed in 8 countries, 12 cities located in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries - Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Germany. The total traffic on the network exceeded 1.6 Tbps.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations and driving superior experiences for end users. Our solutions deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security and AI to drive real business results. We believe that powering connections will bring us closer together while empowering us all to solve the world’s greatest challenges of well-being, sustainability and equality. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks (www.juniper.net) or connect with Juniper on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

“Telecomservice” (teleser)
“Telecomservice” (teleser) LLC is a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and software solutions. “Telecomservice” team operates on a telco and information security market since 2006. We have accumulated deep expertise in implementation of “smart solutions” and have built strong partnership with the best global and Russian producers of IT equipment. Our customers are the biggest alternative telcos, carrier backbone network operators, commercial data centers, as well as large industrial and energy companies.
Our main services are:
delivery, deployment and customization of routers, switches, DWDM/CWDM equipment,
implementation of IT security and monitoring solutions
The company provides a wide list of services that includes but not limited with: design of network and communication systems, design consultation, technical support, repair and replacement of equipment, training, provision of equipment for testing, warranty and post warranty service.
Tel: +7 (495) 532-47-84,

T8 is the leading Russian manufacturer of wavelength-division multiplexing telecommunication equipment (DWDM).

Headquartered in Moscow, the company is one of a few companies in the World which design and manufacture a Line equipment with channel rate up to 600 Gbit/s.

T8 offers integrated solutions for building DWDM systems for metro or long-haul core networks, data-center interconnections and other mid-size or carrier-grade high-capacity bandwidth networks.

For many years T8 is listed among Russian high-tech innovative leaders, provides expertise to clients in network optimization and analytics for most efficient use or scalability of network resources.


RASCOM CJSC is a provider of international capacity for telecom carriers and it owns telecommunications facilities and structures of its own in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Marseille,Vienna,Prague, Bratislava, Kiev, Uzhgorod, Riga etc. The Company is offering services of providing telecom circuits as well as access to the Internet and various integrated solutions of Leasing of Low Latency Circuits, VPN, remote access to IX and cloud Services. RASCOM IP network is built on the basis of Cisco Systems, Juniper and Extreme Networks equipment". 


When it comes to providing solutions to the most complicated and non-standard challenges, ComSystems is the leading company on the Russian market of telecommunications equipment. We offer all the necessary media for data transmission, processing and storage. Our integrated solutions include supply and technical support of both end-of-life and up-to-date equipment. Post-warranty maintenance is also one of the main specialties of the company. Our own test and repair facilities as well as experienced specialists ensure high quality and accident-free operation of the supplied equipment. Those willing to resale or efficiently manage their surplus network equipment can appreciate the advantages of our special program for remarketing and recycling of non-liquid assets. At the same time we pay special attention to minimizing ecological risks and environment protection.

We assist our customers in finding the most appropriate solutions according to their needs and wishes.