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MegaFon is a national operator of digital opportunities and holds leading positions in all segments of the Russian telecommunications market. The company's services are used by 75.4 million customers. Four-time winner of the "Fastest Mobile Network in Russia" award from Ookla. It has the widest network coverage, according to Roskomnadzor. It offers a wide range of technological solutions for business and the state, implements complex integration projects, and is the first to introduce innovative technologies on the market.

PJSC “Rostelecom”

PJSC “Rostelecom” is Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions, with presence in all market segments and covering millions of households, governmental and private organizations.

The Company maintains leading positions in the market of high-speed Internet access and PayTV services with over 13.5 million broadband Internet subscribers and some 10.9 million Rostelecom PayTV subscribers of which over 6.3 million subscribers are connected to the Interactive TV services. Rostelecom’s wholly owned subsidiary Tele2 Russia is now a major player on the mobile communications market with over 46.6 million subscribers, and the leader in terms of NPS (Net Promoter Score) index reflecting willingness of users to recommend company’s services to others.

The Group of Companies for 9m2021 revenue totaled RUB411.8 billion with OIBDA reaching RUB169.7  billion (or 41.2% of the total revenue) and net profit of RUB31.4  billion.

Rostelecom is an unquestionable leader on the market of telecommunications services for Russian public authorities and corporate users of all levels.

The Company is a widely recognized technology leader in offering innovative solutions for electronic government, cybersecurity, data center and cloud-based services, biometrics, healthcare, education, house maintenance and utility services.

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The company "Zummer"

The company "Zummer" is the largest telecommunications company, one of the TOP 10 backbone operators in Russia
Network, built and operated by LLC "ZUMMER", has a length of over 16 500 km  between 5 federal districts (380 cities) and a capacity of 800 Gbit/s to 1.6 Tbit/s.
The unique competitive advantage of "Zummer" LLC is the provision of turnkey "turnkey" communication services, as well as the availability of backup communication channels in all directions, more than 2500 round-the-clock (24/7) services. 
More than 65 operators of the Russian Federation are the clients of Zummer LLC
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T8 is the leading Russian manufacturer of wavelength-division multiplexing telecommunication equipment (DWDM).

Headquartered in Moscow, the company is one of a few companies in the World which design and manufacture a Line equipment with channel rate up to 600 Gbit/s.

T8 offers integrated solutions for building DWDM systems for metro or long-haul core networks, data-center interconnections and other mid-size or carrier-grade high-capacity bandwidth networks.

For many years T8 is listed among Russian high-tech innovative leaders, provides expertise to clients in network optimization and analytics for most efficient use or scalability of network resources.

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ADVA is a company founded on innovation and driven to help our customers succeed. 

Our technology is the foundation of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities for long haul operators. 

Our open optical technology is designed for easy interoperability and integration, providing an agile, scalable foundation ready to expand and evolve.

Solutions like the ADVA FSP 3000 are freeing CSPs from the shackles of today’s closed systems. With its modular design, our FSP 3000 OLS delivers more flexibility than ever before with customers able to select the chassis, amplifiers and filters they need. Our unified OLS meets all needs with new levels of automation for easy setup and operation. What’s more, FSP 3000 terminals with advanced coherent technology are now taking capacity and flexibility to unprecedented levels. Our TeraFlex™ is a 1RU platform that enables channels of up to 1.2Tbit/s and a total capacity of 7.2Tbit/s

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SUPERTEL develops, manufactures and supplies telecommunication equipment for construction of  transport communication networks and broadband access networks based on OTN/WDM/SDH/PDH/IP technologies.  Has certificates of compliance with information security requirements and licenses for necessary activities.

Promptly modifies equipment in accordance with the requirements of customers. Regularly carries out internal and external research and development for the evolution of product line.
The existing scientific and production base provides the capability to produce new equipment for the realization of specific tasks on communication networks.

For over 27 years around 40,000 units were produced.

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GlobalNet is a telecommunication company providing backbone network operator services since 2008.

The points of presence in the GlobalNet network are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Main services: DATAIX, DWDM channels (wavelengths), IP-transit, L2/L3 VPN, DDoS Protection, Remote IX.

Total length of GlobalNet networks is more than 10 000 km. 

At the end of 2021, GlobalNet has unveiled its newly built backbone running Stockholm-Copenhagen-Hamburg-Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Stockholm.

Edinstvo Company

Edinstvo Company is a backbone communications operator providing high-speed communication channel. Thus, it performs important social functions of increasing the availability of modern services in the field of information and telecommunication technologies for the citizens and organizations. Since 2019, Unity has been implementing the City Online digital project.


STA “IRE-Polus” Ltd.

STA “IRE-Polus” Ltd. is the founder and the core company of the Scientific Technical Group of «IPG Photonics Corporation», which counts with research and production centers in Russia, Germany, USA, and Italy, as well as 14 representation offices in different parts of the world.
“IRE-Polus” Ltd. offers DWDM fiber optical systems “GORIZONT”, PUSK” and “CONUS” , transferring data at up to 1200 Gb/s for record breaking distances (more than 500 km) without repeaters.
The new DWDM platform “Gorizont” is based on the company’s proprietary technologies, including high-reliability lasers and other optical components from the mother company IPG. The unique combination of Russian design hardware and software, robust local production capabilities and unlimited access to state-of-the-art high-speed digital light processing components provides unchallenged value for a wide number of Russian customers, which seek highly reliable digital telecommunication channels.
Being an engineering company, STA “IRE-Polus” Ltd. also provides a full range of the following services:

  • Hardware and software development
  • Equipment production
  • Telecommunication line design engineering
  • Equipment supply
  • Construction and assembly services
  • Installation and start-up procedures
  • Technical support of projects and equipment
  • Training


“Optic fiber Systems” JSC

“Optic fiber Systems” JSC – is the first and the only Russian plant manufacturing optical fiber. The plant is situated in Saransk, Mordovia Republic. Manufacturing capacity of the plant is 4 mln kilometers of optical fiber per year.

"Optic fiber Systems" JSC produces telecommunication optical fibers of standards G652,G657A1, G657A2, G654 including those with reduced diameter of 200 microns and 2% tension; provides services on optical fiber coloring and the application of ring marks "ringmarking". Optical fibers of new types including G651 and G655 are being prepared for release.

Products are certified in Russia and the quality is confirmed by "Rostelecom" PJSC, Russia's leading cable companies and foreign consumers. According to the results of certification, optical fiber was approved for use on the networks of the largest Russian Telecom operators Rostelecom, MTS, MegaFon and others.


MSK-IX helps companies to develop networks and services in the Internet faster and at a lower cost by providing access to Internet eXchange, service platforms and data centers.

More than 800 companies from 100 cities and 20 countries around the world use MSK-IX products for the development, interconnection, scaling, networking and building their own services. MSK-IX customers include ISPs, social networks, search engines, video portals, cloud service providers, corporate, scientific and educational networks.

General Exponents
Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations and driving superior experiences for end users. Our solutions deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security and AI to drive real business results. We believe that powering connections will bring us closer together while empowering us all to solve the world’s greatest challenges of well-being, sustainability and equality. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks ( or connect with Juniper on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

“Telecomservice” (teleser)
“Telecomservice” (teleser) LLC is a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and software solutions. “Telecomservice” team operates on a telco and information security market since 2006. We have accumulated deep expertise in implementation of “smart solutions” and have built strong partnership with the best global and Russian producers of IT equipment. Our customers are the biggest alternative telcos, carrier backbone network operators, commercial data centers, as well as large industrial and energy companies.
Our main services are:
delivery, deployment and customization of routers, switches, DWDM/CWDM equipment,
implementation of IT security and monitoring solutions
The company provides a wide list of services that includes but not limited with: design of network and communication systems, design consultation, technical support, repair and replacement of equipment, training, provision of equipment for testing, warranty and post warranty service.
Tel: +7 (495) 532-47-84,

Piter-IX is a network of geographically dispersed traffic exchange points connected by Nx10G/40G/100G data channels. In each geographic location, points of presence are located in places where operators and content are concentrated. Within one location, the sites are connected by a high-speed network; between locations in different regions, the connection is implemented via Nx10G/40G/100G channels.

At the moment, more than 400 operators are included, nodes and local traffic exchange points are deployed in 8 countries, 12 cities located in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries - Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Germany. The total traffic on the network exceeded 1.6 Tbps.


When it comes to providing solutions to the most complicated and non-standard challenges, ComSystems is the leading company on the Russian market of telecommunications equipment. We offer all the necessary media for data transmission, processing and storage. Our integrated solutions include supply and technical support of both end-of-life and up-to-date equipment. Post-warranty maintenance is also one of the main specialties of the company. Our own test and repair facilities as well as experienced specialists ensure high quality and accident-free operation of the supplied equipment. Those willing to resale or efficiently manage their surplus network equipment can appreciate the advantages of our special program for remarketing and recycling of non-liquid assets. At the same time we pay special attention to minimizing ecological risks and environment protection.

We assist our customers in finding the most appropriate solutions according to their needs and wishes.