About contest

The ComNews Information Group is happy to invite developers and customers of digital companies to take part and declare themselves and their projects in the framework of the XII “The Best Digital Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry” Awards.


Date: September 30
Location: Hilton Hotel Saint Petersburg ExpoForum
(site of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum),
St. Petersburg, Peterburgskoe shosse, 62, build. 1.


This year the “The Best IT Projects” Awards that has been organized by ComNews Group since 2009 is changing its vector. In 2021 the categories for the annual competition are synchronized with the project “Digital Technologies” of the national program “Digital Economy”.

Every year, the competition recognizes customers and performers of the most significant projects in the area of digitalization and industrial automation, bringing innovations both to the work of distinct organizations, government agencies, commercial customers, and to the country’s economy as a whole.

This year the categories are as follows:

  1. The best solution using AI for the oil and gas industry
  2. The best solution for the oil and gas industry using new communication Internet technologies
  3. The best solution with new production technologies for the oil and gas industry
  4. The best solution in the field of robotics and sensorics for the oil and gas industry
  5. The best solution for the oil and gas industry using virtual and augmented reality technologies
  6. The best solution for the oil and gas industry using blockchain technology
  7. The best solution for the oil and gas industry using the Internet of Things
  8. The best SAP solution for the oil and gas industry
  9. The best solution for the oil and gas industry enterprises on Java/ OpenJDK
  10. The best 1C solution for the oil and gas industry
  11. The best low-code/no-code solution in the oil and gas industry

For each category, the decision is made by a competent independent jury. “The Best Digital Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry” Awards will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of information and digital products and services in the Russian market.

The purpose of the competition: Search and support for the development of digital innovative solutions and technologies for the oil and gas industry as well as the exchange of best practices, replication of solutions that have proven themselves in a single company over other enterprises in the industry.

Participation in the competition will allow developers, scientific organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises to be in the spotlight of the industry community that will help them to obtain funding for the implementation of technologies, take advantage of the recommendations from the recognized industry experts, find partners, clients, and turn their company into the industry leader.

The competition accepts projects that were completed in 2020-2021 (or their key implementation stage was completed in 2020-2021).

The organizing committee invites to participate: managers and specialists in the field of digital technologies and innovations, representatives of customer companies, software developers, suppliers of digital solutions and system integrators who have completed unique innovative projects for oil and gas companies.

Project evaluation criteria:

  • Innovativeness / complexity
  • Relevance for the enterprise and the industry as a whole
  • Replication
  • Efficiency (increasing the enterprise profitability)
  • Transparency


Conditions for applications

The applications are accepted until September 10, 2021 no later than 16:00 Moscow time.

The submission and processing of one application from one organization (applicant) is free.

The registration fee for submitting the second and all subsequent applications is 29 800 rubles for each application.

Participation as a guest at the awards ceremony without visiting the forum program is 9500 rubles / person.

Participation in the online broadcast (access with 1 universal code) payment until September 29, 2021 - 4900 rubles.

One organization can submit an unlimited number of applications for each nomination.

For the participants of the "Smart Oil & Gas" forum, participation in the award ceremony, offline and online, is free of charge.


Stages of the XII Contest "The best digital solutions for the oil and gas industry."


July 19 - September 20   Acceptance of applications online

September 20  Sending applications for consideration by the jury

September 20-28  Jury score

September 30th  Solemn awards ceremony laureates and buffet reception at the Hilton Hotel Saint Petersburg ExpoForum



We are waiting for you at the XII awards ceremony for the Best Digital Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry!




For organizational issues, please contact Yana Shishkova, shishkova@comnews.ru , tel. +7  916 7329258

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Irina Glukhova: irina@comnews.ru , tel. +7 926 2129503

For delegate participation please contact Olga Dolenko: od@comnews.ru , tel. +7 916 3373785