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Smart Oil & Gas 2021: the congress of the entire industry


The VII Federal IT Forum of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry “Smart Oil & Gas: Reliable Data” was held on September 30 – October 1 in St. Petersburg with the support of strategic partners: Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Sibur, Tatneft, Transneft. The event was traditionally organized by the ComNews Information Group.


The Forum was held in offline format with the possibility of online connection for both delegates and speakers. The participants especially noted the possibility of a currently rare face-to-face meeting. Over 750 delegates attended the forum during the two days of the event. In 2021, the Smart Oil & Gas Forum had the widest representation of industry companies: representatives of 103 oil and gas, petrochemical holdings and their subsidiaries took part in it!


About 100 representatives of oil and gas and petrochemical industry enterprises, industry associations and scientific institutions, domestic and foreign IT companies participated in reports and discussions this year.

The event was opened by a report by Simon Cushing, Global Director of Industrial Research at the international analytical company Gartner, who spoke about the prospects of the oil and gas industry in the coming years and global trends in digital transformation.

The traditional plenary discussion was held twice this year. The first day it was entitled “Express to the Digital Future”: at this session, issues of digital transformation and their impact on the development of new technologies and corporate culture in companies were discussed. The topic of the plenary discussion of the second day was “IT infrastructure for a digital enterprise”. Within its framework, IT directors of large industry companies talked about practical steps to transform the IT landscape and use cloud technologies to digitalize industry enterprises.

The plenary discussion “Express to the Digital Future” was attended by Andrey Belevtsev, Director for Digital Transformation of Gazprom Neft, Vitaly Gataullin, Deputy Director General for Digital Development of Tatneft, Mikhail Tregubenko, Director for Organizational Projects of Sibur, Andrey Badalov, Vice President of Transneft, Alexey Medvedev, Information Technology Director of Novatek, Sergey Fokin, IT and IS Manager of Total Energies, and Evgenia Kulikova, Head of the Academic Programs Service of Yandex. The participants of the discussion noted that the fuel and energy sector can become a driver of digital transformation in Russia; the importance of industry interaction and the need to create digital partnerships were noted. According to Andrey Belevtsev, “business has definitely built a trusting relationship with the digit”.

The discussion was moderated by the Director of the HeadHunter Special Projects Department, Vitaly Terentyev, who took part in the forum for the first time. Following the discussion, he noted that for him participation was “truly a sip..., a pipeline!!! of breakthrough ideas, personal insights and amazing acquaintances”.

The speakers of the plenary discussion “IT infrastructure for a digital enterprise” were Anton Dumin, Director of the Directorate for IT, Automation and Telecommunications of Gazprom Neft, Rinat Gimranov, Head of Information Technologies Department of Surgutneftegas, Igor Tyutrin, Head of IT Operation and Maintenance of SIBUR Digital, Andrey Mukhortov, independent expert, Dmitry Dmitrakov, head of IT department, Salym Petroleum Development NV, as well as Alexander Kondakov, Director of the Center for Import-Independent Technologies of Greenatom (State Corporation “Rosatom”).

This year the forum was distinguished by a rich business program: traditional and new thematic sessions, discussions and round tables with the participation of reputable experts – representatives of the oil and gas industry and IT companies provided discussion of a wide range of topics in the sessions: “Intelligent technologies: a look into the present and future”, “New technologies for digital field”, “Digital plant: the transition from automation to artificial intelligence”, “Corporate communication networks: new telecom technologies for the oil and gas industry”, “Corporate information systems, digital platforms, data management”.

For the first time in the framework of Smart Oil & Gas, an interactive discussion “Boost the Digit” and a round table “Whose office?” were held. The discussion “Boost the Digit”, moderated by Alexey Poperlyukov, Director General of Gazpromneft – Digital Solutions, discussed the compliance of the modern education system with business needs, the readiness of IT personnel to face the challenges of the time, the need for corporate universities, attracting talented youth to the ranks of digital and industry IT professionals. Konstantin Zyryanov, the head coach of Zenit-m football club, took an active part in the discussion of the latter issue: he spoke about working with young talents, about similar problems of youth recruitment. The discussion participants talked about the requirements that big business and big sports impose on personnel.

Participants of the round table “Whose Office?” discussed the possibilities of switching to domestic operating systems (OS) and office suites, talked about the advantages and disadvantages of OS and office suites of domestic and international developers, the maturity of the domestic OS and software applications market, practical aspects and the complexity of the implementation of domestic OS and office applications. The discussion was moderated by Rinald Khamidullin, Director General of LUKOIL-Technologies.

At the end of the forum business program, a round table “Service IT companies of industrial giants: insourcing and outsourcing” was held, moderated by Dmitry Gurevich, Deputy Director General of “Upravlenie VOLS-VL” (Rosseti Digital). Despite the fact that the round table on this topic is not a debut this year, the moderator and discussion participants: Alexey Poperlyukov, Rinald Khamidullin, Timofey Zagurenko (Information Technology Director of RN-BashNIPIneft), Valery Fokin (Information Technology Director of Uralkaliy and United Chemical Company URALCHIM), discussed actively and interestedly the advantages and disadvantages of insourcing and outsourcing in companies in the industry.

At the end of the first day of the forum, an awards ceremony was organized for the winners of the 12th annual contest “The Best Digital Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry”.

Traditionally, the digital technologies exposition “Touch the Digit with your Hands” worked at the forum, where the following presented their solutions: AVEVA Company, Open Mobile Platform, Digital Petroleum, XR Adept, Nauka, Center Company, Aquarius, IBS, Aruba, 1C Company, NEOCOM, Digital Industrial Platform and Nedra, RED SOFT, Astra Linux Group, Lenovo, TRIALINK Group, Clevertec, Logitech, PROTEY Technologies, PULSAR-TELECOM Design Bureau, Concern Sozvezdie, SKYMEC, Interprocom, X-Y-Z Automation.

The silver sponsors of the Smart Oil & Gas 2021 Forum were: IBS, TransTeleCom Company. Bronze sponsors: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba, TeqViser (Rostelecom), Gazprom Space Systems, OneWeb, Citrix, OLLI IT (OLLI Distribution), H3C TECHNOLOGIES RUS (H3C).

Partner for digital optimization of production: Yokogawa Electric CIS (Yokogawa Electric Corporation) and KBC Advanced Technologies Ltd in Russia.

Session sponsors: Ericsson, Open Mobile Platform, Lenovo, RED SOFT, Schneider Electric, 1C Company, GC Moskabelmet, Konnect Russia (Eutelsat Networks), ID – Management Technologies, GC TRIALINK, PROTEY Technologies, BellSoft, MTS, NEOCOM, IntegraSvyaz, Digital Industrial Platform, Nedra.

The registration was sponsored by Poly in Russia and the CIS.

The forum was supported by the National Association of Oil and Gas Service, the Association of Business Process Management Professionals, ABPMP Russian Chapter, the Association of Refiners and Petrochemists.

The VII Smart Oil & Gas Forum confirmed the status of significant industry event as a unified information and discussion platform for discussing the role of digital and information technologies in the development of the oil and gas and petrochemical sector of the Russian Federation.