PJSC “Rostelecom”

PJSC “Rostelecom” is Russia’s largest provider of digital services and solutions with presence in all market segments, and passing through millions of Russian households, governmental and private organizations.The company is an unrivalled leader in the Russian broadband Internet access and PayTV markets with over 13.2 million of broadband Internet users and 10.4 million PayTV users of which over 5.6 million are using Interactive TV service.The Group revenue for 2019 totaled RUB337.4 billion with OIBDA reaching some RUB106.5 billion (or 31.6% of the revenue), and net income totaling RUB16.5 billion.Rostelecom is an unquestionable leader on the market of telecommunications services provided to the Russian governmental and corporate customers of all levels.Rostelecom is a widely recognized technology leader offering innovative solutions in e-government, cybersecurity, DC and cloud computing services, healthcare, education, housing and utilities services.The company stable financial position is confirmed by the following credit ratings: “BBB-” from Fitch Ratings, “BB+” from Standard&Poor’s, as well as “AA(RU)” assigned by Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA).

Infrastructure Partner

PJSC GIPROSVYAZ is the leading design and construction Institute in the communication industry, providing a full range of services for the creation of telecom and engineering infrastructure starting from engineering survey to commissioning of the facility.

The head office of GIPROSVYAZ is located in Moscow, and representative offices are located in all Federal districts of Russia. The company has all necessary licenses for all types of performing tasks.

GIPROSVYAZ works out the projects for design, upgrading and developing telecommunications facilities for Telcos, commercial and governmental entities that are the consumers of ICT services. The company also participates in the implementation of the National Program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation".

Technology Partner

SUPERTEL develops, manufactures and supplies telecommunication equipment for construction of  transport communication networks and broadband access networks based on OTN/WDM/SDH/PDH/IP technologies.  Has certificates of compliance with information security requirements and licenses for necessary activities.

Promptly modifies equipment in accordance with the requirements of customers. Regularly carries out internal and external research and development for the evolution of product line.
The existing scientific and production base provides the capability to produce new equipment for the realization of specific tasks on communication networks.

For over 27 years around 40,000 units were produced.

Session Partner

T8 is the leading manufacturer of wavelength-division multiplexing telecommunication equipment (DWDM) in Russia and CIS countries. We develop and manufacture a line of DWDM and CWDM equipment with channel speed up to 400 Gbit/s. The entire T8 equipment is being designed and manufactured in Russia. Company headquarter is located in Moscow; there is a regional representative office in Saint Petersburg. There are over 200 staff members in the company, including four doctors of science and twenty two PhDs.

The company is a constant participant of the well-known Russian rating «TechUspech» among high-tech companies. The company got short-listed among the Top 5 of Russia most innovative small companies according to the «TechUspech» rating.

The main areas of T8 company activities:

  • Development and manufacture of CWDM and DWDM equipment;
  • Pre-design analysis of fiber optic lines;
  • Development of design concept, calculation and engineering design of networks;
  • Equipment installation;
  • Maintenance and technical support of equipment;
  • Distributed acoustic sensors development;
  • Laser physics and optoelectronics research and development activities.

T8 offers integrated solutions for building DWDM systems on a turnkey basis: design, supply, installation and maintenance of the equipment. The qualification of the company specialists makes possible to implement projects of any complexity both for regional and backbone DWDM networks. The in-house design department calculates DWDM networks within a short period of time.