ComNews Information Group is happy to invite you to take part in the 3rd International Conference “Telecom Eurasia: innovation, interaction and convergence of cellular, optical and satellite communication networks in the interests of the digital economy”.
The topics of the Telecom Eurasia Conference are focused on practical experience, strategies and solutions of wireless technologies, deployment of mobile broadband networks, satellite communications, innovative technologies based on new generation networks, construction of backbone optical communication networks and infrastructure for laying fiber optic networks.
Telecom Eurasia 2024


  • Interaction between the state and the operators community in the era of the economy global digitalization and the communication networks modernization
  • Convergence of cellular, optical and satellite communication networks in the interests of the digital economy
  • The future of wireless communication networks: heading for Central Asia
  • The importance of the Central Asian market in the global telecom community in the new geopolitical conditions
  • The potential of Central Asia to attract foreign direct investment and the most promising ICT projects for investment in 2025
  • Scenarios and specific features of 5G network deployment in the Central Asia
  • Monitoring and control of quality parameters in wireless communication networks
  • Development of telecom infrastructure: innovative technologies and new opportunities
  • Infrastructure and equipment for the construction of communication networks
  • Innovative technologies for optical communication networks
  • Development of non-geostationary satellite systems and the place of satellite technologies in the IoT market
  • Optical cables and fiber optic equipment: barriers and drivers of market development
  • Satellite communication from various orbits in the interests of the terrestrial cellular networks development
  • Low-orbit satellite groupings as support networks for terrestrial cellular operators
  • The place of the geostationary satellite groupings’ owners in the 5G ecosystem



All Speakers

FORUM audience

  • representatives of state regulatory authorities, telecom operators
  • representatives of manufacturers of equipment for communication networks
  • representatives of system integrators and distributors of equipment
  • representatives of financial and investment organizations, consulting companies, mobile retailers
  • representatives of content and service providers
  • media representatives


A part of the Telecom Eurasia conference will be an exhibition where the samples of equipment and promising solutions for the organization of modern communication networks and provision of services will be demonstrated.
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