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ComNews Information Group would like to invite you and your colleagues to the Business Forum “Smart City & Region: Digital Technologies Paving Way to a Smart Country” in Sevastopol.

Date and venue: Sept. 24, 2019, Sevastopol State University( 31 Universitetskaya Str, Sevastopol, Republic of Crimeal).

In 2019, ComNews Information Group is doing a series of regional events entitled “Smart City & Region: Digital Technologies Paving Way to a Smart Country”.

The events are taking place across the geography of Smart City and Smart Region projects:


Events are designed to enable a dialogue between the federal government and the administration of the national project Digital Economy of the Russian Federation on the one hand, and regional/municipal government on the other, facilitate exchange of best practices and scaling the most successful regional projects in other parts of the country, study best international practices, and identify the needs and challenges of regions and cities for the ICT community. The events will also be focused on seeking new opportunities for public-private partnerships in the best interests of regions and cities (taking into account the recent modifications in the Federal Law 115 on concessionary agreements and Federal Law 224 on public-private partnerships, introduced in June 2018).

The fourth event will take place in Sevastopol, and will be dedicated to the challenges of building digital information infrastructure for a Smart City and practical aspects of implementation of digital services. On April 18, 2019 at the Yalta International Economic Forum an agreement was signed between the municipalities of Sevastopol, Kerch and Yalta and the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities for pilot projects under the Smart City program. According to authors of the initiators, the agreement will serve as a growth driver for the entire Crimean peninsula.

As part of the Smart City Sevastopol project, a task team was established, comprising members of dedicated departments and divisions of the Sevastopol Administration, federal executive government bodies, stakeholder businesses and organizations – 35 persons in total. The Sevastopol State University, another participant of the project, established on December 26, 2017 a project management office, which engages students, among other. “Owing to consolidation of efforts by the executive government bodies, the project management office at the university and businesses and organizations engaged in the project, we were able to devise a concept, technical briefs and project passport within a very short time. The next stage is to draft a master plan,” said Pyotr Darichev, Project Manager of Smart City Sevastopol.

In Kerch, they are currently installing video cameras on motor roads, and are planning to roll out “smart” public transport stops and parking lots. City neighborhoods and crime prone areas will be equipped with emergency “112” button. “We are currently reviewing proposals for implementation of energy efficient external lighting and architectural highlighting in the city. These and other arrangements are designed to make Kerch not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable and safe city. We are set on making changes,” commented Head of Kerch Administration Sergey Borozdin.

According to aide to the Head of Yalta Administration Eduard Onatskiy, the works under Smart City projects will include collection, storage, processing and transfer of digital information across all social and economic aspects of Yalta. “The project will allow to improve accessibility and quality of government services for the citizens and provision of reliable information in different areas,” explained Eduard Onatskiy, specifying that residents and guests of Yalta will receive access to information on health care, education, transport, utilities, safety, recreation, tourism, and etc.

Key topics of the Forum:

  • Smart country, Smart city – conceptual development and scaling the best models
  • Contribution of the city/region to implementation of the national program Digital Economy
  • First practical results from the implementation of Smart city projects
  • Solutions for Smart city. Integration practices.
  • Telecommunication infrastructure for Smart cities
  • Developing typical scenarios and products for Smart cities
  • New opportunities for operators – owners of IT infrastructure – opened by Smart city and Smart region projects
  • Opportunities for regional businesses and business association for digitalization of the region


Forum audience: federal legislative and executive government bodies, administration of national project Digital Economy of the Russian Federation, regional and municipal authorities, government development institutions, regional and federal operators of wired and wireless communications, IT companies, power distribution and other utility enterprises, manufacturers of electronic metering devices, vendors of ICT solutions, system integrators, developers of digital services, and industry media and experts.


We look forward to seeing you at the Forum in Sevastopol!


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For sponsorship participation, please contact Irina Glukhova, Business Development Director COMNEWS: irina@comnews.ru

To attend as a delegate, please contact Olga Dolenko, Head of Delegate Sales COMNEWS: od@comnews.ru