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ComNews Information Group would like to invite you and your colleagues to the Business Forum “Smart City & Region: Digital Technologies Paving Way to a Smart Country”.

Date and venue: Dec. 6, 2019, Marriott Novy Arbat Hotel (32 Novy Arbat Str, Moscow, Russia).

In 2019, ComNews Information Group is doing a series of regional events entitled “Smart City & Region: Digital Technologies Paving Way to a Smart Country”.

The events are taking place across the geography of Smart City and Smart Region projects:

Events are designed to enable a dialogue between the federal government and the administration of the national project Digital Economy of the Russian Federation on the one hand, and regional/municipal government on the other, facilitate exchange of best practices and scaling the most successful regional projects in other parts of the country, study best international practices, and identify the needs and challenges of regions and cities for the ICT community. The events will also be focused on seeking new opportunities for public-private partnerships in the best interests of regions and cities (taking into account the recent modifications in the Federal Law 115 on concessionary agreements and Federal Law 224 on public-private partnerships, introduced in June 2018).

The eighth and final event of the series will take place in Moscow and will be dedicated to the challenges of developing digital information infrastructure for a Smart City. The forum Smart City & Region will not only throw spotlight on Smart City and Smart Region projects implemented in the Russian capital and the Central Federal District, but will also sum up the results of this rally held over 2019.

In 2012, the Moscow Government launched a municipal program “Information City”. Over the years, the municipal infrastructure and services were successfully automated and computerized, which resulted in the creation of EMIAS and MES – two fundamental and unique information systems, they are first of a kind in the world. The number of municipal services available online – on the official portal of the Moscow Mayor and Government – has been growing. There has been an expansion of the free municipal Wi-Fi network, video surveillance and mobile network in the city.

In spring 2018, Sergey Sobyanin gave an order to develop a new program – Smart City. Its mission is to implement state-of-the-art solutions in order to create a convenient, accessible and customized virtual environment for the Muscovites. Besides, it will help enhance the efficiency of municipal management through big data analysis and AI.

Previously, Head of Finance Department of the Moscow Government Elena Zyabbarova said that they are planning to allocate RUR 239 billion on the implementation of Smart City program, out of which RUR 74 billion would be allocated in 2019. Smart City 2030 strategy for Moscow defines the priorities, goals and tasks of government policies on digital technologies in Moscow in the 2030 perspective. Given that normally the initiatives implemented in Moscow are afterwards replicated in other regions of Russia, such approach is very important and requires extra attention!

Key topics of the Forum:

  • Smart country, Smart city – conceptual development and scaling the best models
  • Contribution of the city/region to implementation of the national program Digital Economy
  • First practical results from the implementation of Smart city projects
  • Solutions for Smart city. Integration practices.
  • Telecommunication infrastructure for Smart cities
  • Developing typical scenarios and products for Smart cities
  • Opportunities for regional businesses and business associations opened by digitalization
  • New opportunities for operators – owners of IT infrastructure – opened by Smart city and Smart region projects

The evening program of the Forum will feature a gala ceremony for winners of the annual ComNews Awards.

Smart City will be in the focus of ComNews Awards 2019. ComNews would like to ensure consistency with last year’s Awards, which were focused on digital economy: in 2018, the winners were selected from digital transformation projects implemented in 10 key industries of the Russian economy. This year, nominations will also be connected to vertical markets, but they will only feature Smart City projects.

Forum audience: federal legislative and executive government bodies, administration of national project Digital Economy of the Russian Federation, regional and municipal authorities, government development institutions, regional and federal operators of wired and wireless communications, IT companies, power distribution and other utility enterprises, manufacturers of electronic metering devices, businesses, ready to implement digital technologies: construction companies and developers, retail, transport, logistics, service and management companies, security organizations and etc.; vendors of ICT solutions, system integrators, developers of digital services, and industry media and experts.


We look forward to seeing you at the Forum in Moscow!


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For sponsorship participation, please contact Irina Glukhova, Business Development Director COMNEWS: irina@comnews.ru

To attend as a delegate, please contact Olga Dolenko, Head of Delegate Sales COMNEWS: od@comnews.ru