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Day 1 (September 17)

Moderator: Leonid Konik, Chief Executive Officer - Editor-in-Chief, IG ComNews

10:00-10:30 Big Picture

  • Welcome Speech
    Kirill Kravchenko, Member of the Management Board, Deputy CEO for Administration, Gazprom Neft
  • Priorities and Transformations in Oil and Gas Post-2020 
    Simon Cushing, Research Director, Energy and Utilities team, Gartner

10:30-12:00 Session 1. Plenary discussion: Digital response to the COVID-19 pandemic, slumping prices and demand for hydrocarbons

Discussion questions:
  • Have newly implemented digital technologies helped oil & gas companies to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic? 
  • Can digital technologies enable a quick switch to remote or unmanned work at continuous cycle facilities (upstream, downstream, pipe-lines)?
  • Do digital transformation programs and strategies need to be revised in view of large-scale switch to remote/hybrid work and cuts in corporate expenses? 
  • What is the role of digital technologies for the mitigation of drastic reduction in hydrocarbons’ prime costs?
  • Has the 2020 market situation created new opportunities or new barriers for cooperation between oil & gas sector with digital companies (in predictive analytics, AI, Big Data, and etc.)?
  • How can oil & gas players recover or reinforce their image of “dream companies” for digital technology experts?
  • Optimization  of State Information System for Fuel and Energy Complex: direct integration with corporate information systems rather than companies having to fill up special forms on a weekly basis
  • Is it time for oil & gas companies to start investing into digital projects on other markets (similar to Rosatom’s data centers or Sberbank’s digital eco-system)?
Discussion participants:
  • Rinat Gimranov, Head of IT Department, Surgutneftegaz
  • Alisa Melnikova, Director of Digital and Information Technologies, SIBUR; Director General, SIBUR Digital
  • Alexey Medvedev, CIO, NOVATEK
  • Igor Zakharchenko, Head of Center for IT Support Development, IT Support Department, LUKOIL
  • Dmitry Pilipenko, Head of Cluster Energy, SAP CIS

12:00-12:30 Digital Coffee Break: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition 

12:30-14:00 Session 2. New ideas and proposals from global IT companies in response to drastic changes in the oil & gas market

  • Corporate IT platforms in industrial holdings: fast Корпоративные ИТ платформы в холдингах: onboarding experience for new applications and IT teams
    Anton Dumin, Head of the Department of IT, Automation and Telecommunications, Gazprom Neft
  • Blockchain transformation of Oil&Gas Industry
    Olga Ilyina, Blockchain Offering Leader, IBM CEE
  • Answer to global challenges to accelerate digital transformation with the help of modern Russian technologies in telecom
    Konstantin Lukin, General Director, SUPERTEL
  • Transformation of income sources for oil and gas companies
    Alexander Mashika, Oil & Gas Industry Lead, Yandex.Cloud
  • Data is more expensive than oil: Intelligent data management and control
    Boris Eschenko, technical consultant, Commvault
  • How to increase the efficiency of industrial exploitation using a digital information model
    Lev Skurikhin, Project Manager, SNH MeisterSoft
  • Interactions monitoring in technology segments: when the dreams come true 
    ​Vasily Tomilin, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

14:00-14:30 Digital Lunch: Digital Coffee Break: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition

14:30 Session 3. Themed sections

14:30-16:00 Session 3А. Digital upstream
  • The new accelerators for production processes: digital services and models
    Leonid Tikhomirov, CEO, ITPS
  • Big Data, Video Analytics, Quants
    Roman Gots, Head of Big Data & Security Department, Atos Russia & CIS
  • Forecasting the technical condition of equipment based on Russian IT technology
    Artem Markelov, Project Manager, ROTEC
  • Robotic automatization of routine processes in support of oil and gas field development
    Dmitry Skvortsov, General Manager of technological development block, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center (Rosneft)
  • Principles of creation a digital twin of an asset to solve the problems of different scale
    Andrey Margarit, Program Director for Upstream Product Management, Gazprom Neft
  • What has been changed in the application of digital technologies in oilfield services
    Vladimir Chizhikov, Head of the Center for Upstream Strategy and Development,  Gazpromneft-Nefteservis

Discussion questions:

  • Digital field vs unmanned field – similarities and differences
  • How to ensure maximum safety of staff at continuous operation facilities, where most staff can’t work remotely 
  • New role of drilling support and field remote control centers

16:00-16:30 Digital Coffee Break: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition

14:30-16:30 Session 3B. Telecommunication systems and services for the oil & gas sector

Guest moderator: Vitaly Shub, Head of Leading Research Center, Skoltech

  • 5G Private Networks. International experience in industries
    Alexander Romanov, Head of Business Development in Russia, Ericsson
  • Digital ready infrastructure
    Igor Tucha, Head of Telecommunications Systems Practice, SIBUR
  • Practices of building a trusted mobile platform for oil and gas companies
    Mikhail Zubov, Pre-sale engineer, Open Mobile Platform Ltd.
  • 5G for Oil And Gas Industry
    Dmitriy Polpudenko, Executive Marketing Manager, Huawei Eurasia
  • New competitive VSAT solutions based on the Yamal-601 satellite
    Julia Babkina, Head of Department for Work with End Customers, Gazprom Space Systems
  • Private LTE/5G networks for company Industry 4.0
    Pavel Bahteyarov, Issue Manager – PLTE, Mobile TeleSystems PJSC
  • Next Generation Platform for Private LTE & 5G networks
    Andrey Kosenko, Senior Business Solution Strategist, VMware
  • Smart Oil & Gas: Industrial automation based on NB-IoT solutions
    Dmitry Ivushkin, Head of Development Department, ICBcom
16:30-16:45 Digital Coffee Break: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition

Session 4. Themed sections

16:30-18:00 Session 4А. Digital refinery

Guest moderator: Innokenty Petrov, Independent Expert

  • Development vector: digital refinery
    Alexander Rubinstein, Director of Project Management Directorate, Avtomatika-service
  • Digitalization experience at brownfield
  • production facilities
    Rustem Shakirov, Director, TatITneft
  • Unified Operations Centre for better information management and careful decision making
    Sergey Mashin, Key Account Manager, AVEVA Ltd. (AVEVA Group)
  • Cyber security management in the context of digital transformation: PETRONAS experience
    Sharul A-Rashid, Custodian Engineer, Instrument and Control, Group Technical Solutions, PETRONAS
    Azmi Hashim, Principal Engineer, Instrument & Control, Project Delivery & Technology, PETRONAS
  • Digital simulation modelling as a tool for oil and gas companies to overcome the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic
    Alexey Korablev, Chairman of the Board, NP “Cluster of High Technologies and Engineering “Creonomyca”, Academician of the Russian Engineering Academy
16:45-18:00  Session 4B. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML)
  • Multi Plant Production Optimisation with AI Complex Continuous Production Process
    Alexey Anikin, Industrial Sector Leader, IBM CEE
  • Practical aspects of machine learning application in the oil and gas service company’s activity
    Artem Khodyaev, Deputy Head of  the IT Support and Telecommunications Service, Gazprom Nedra
  • Implementation of a digital risk management system in the oil and gas industry
    Yana Krukhmaleva, Ex-Head of Project for Implementation of the Project & Risk Management System, Gazprom
  • Condition-based prediction of equipment status and maintenance using AI (rather than simply following the technical regulations)
    Anton Kostrov, Development Consultant, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, Klinkmann (Wonderware Russia & CIS)
  • Industrial AI. Solutions development by Gazprom Neft
    Andzhey Arshavskiy, Director of Data Analysis and Simulation, Gazprom Neft

Day 2 (September 18)

Moderator: Leonid Konik, Chief Executive Officer - Editor-in-Chief, IG ComNews

10:00-12:30 Session 5. Workplace of the future

10:00-12:00 Part 1. The workplace of the future: practical ideas and cases (reports)

  • IT education in large corporation -  how to make the environment to learn what you like, not what you need
    Diana Syunyaeva, Head of Division for Business Analyses and IT Development, Gazprom Neft
  • Efficient office space. Workplace automation and control
    Andrey Burkin, Head of OS Sales Department, RICOH Rus
  • Video communication of the future
    Konstantin Ishmamedov, Customer  Manager, Logitech
  • Efficient Video- and Audio communications. How to improve communications and collaborations in hybrid working model
    Sergey Grinchenko, System Engineer in Russia/CIS, Poly (Polycom+Plantronics)
  • Current and future trends in high-performance computing technologies
    Andrey Sysoev, product manager HPC/AI, Lenovo
  • A new approach to collaboration. Workplace of the future
    Maxim Repin, Collaboration Teams Leader, Cisco
  • Secure remote access to information resources
    Roman Mylitsin, Director for Innovations, Astra Linux Group

12:00-12:30 Part 2. The workplace of the future: discussion

Discussion questions:
  • How should corporate information systems change in view of increased demand for remote/hybrid work? 
  • A fresh angle on cloud services now that a large share of the staff are still working remotely
  • Virtualization as a tool to enable remote work 
  • Video collaboration platforms as a key element of remote working: big global services vs domestic products vs in-house solutions
  • New digital technologies to support remote teamwork
  • Technologies to connect new staff members and external specialists with remote teams 
  • Safe remote workplace as a service
  • Distributed users’ software and hardware maintenance amid extensive remote work: new ideas and business models 
  • Security of corporate IT resources when working remotely 
Discussion participants:
  • Vladimir Kuritsin, Head of IT Department, Zarubezhneft
  • Nikolay Zalevskiy, Director of Digital Technologies and Innovations Department, Naftna Industrija Srbije a.d. (NIS)
  • Anatoliy Chekmarev, Head of IT Department, Gazprom Export
  • Diana Syunyaeva, Head of Division for Business Analyses and IT Development, Gazprom Neft
  • Andrey Burkin, Head of OS Sales Department, RICOH Rus
  • Konstantin Ishmamedov, Customer  Manager, Logitech
  • Maxim Repin, Collaboration Teams Leader, Cisco
  • Roman Mylitsin, Director for Innovations, Astra Linux Group
  • Andrey Mukhortov, Head of IT Directorate, Gazprom EP International

12:30-13:00 Digital Coffee Break: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition

13:00-14:00 Session 6. New digital technologies to meet growing ecological requirements, for monitoring and other complex tasks in oil & gas sector

  • Technologies for preventing oil spills
    Vladimir Chuprov, Russia Campaign Director, Greenpeace
  • Digital space services and integrated environmental monitoring system based on remote sensing data for the benefit of oil and gas enterprises
    Elena Natarova, Head of Marketing Department, JSC "Terra Tech" 
  • Environment protection activities’ automation at Gazprom group
    Sergey Konyaev, Deputy chief of Directorate – Head of Division for Environment, Gazprom

Discussion questions:

  • Nornickel case: lessons to be learned in order not to make the same mistake
  • How to ensure real-time information about oil spills?
  • How to get the coordinates and total area of the spill immediately?
  • Unmanned flying vehicles (UFV) – new developments and needs to adjust their legal status

14:00-14:30 Digital Lunch: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition

14:30-16:00 Session 7. In-house software development by oil & gas companies vs outsourcing 

  • Priority directions in import substitution of custom-made software for oil & gas sector
    Olga Oleneva, Project Director, Competence Center for Technology Development of Fuel & Energy Sector, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
  • "The Reserve" product - success story in Gazprom Neft group 
    Irina Moskvitina, Director of Program for cross-functional development and increasing efficiency of inventory and logistics management , Department for Inventory and Logistics Management, Gazprom Neft;
    Roman Ojik, Product Manager, Gazprom Neft
  • Optimization of oil and gas corporations' expenses using the core domestic technologies
    Alexander Belokrylov, CEO, BellSoft
  • Software development for oil & gas: one-timer or one for all
    Sergey Nikitin, Head of Product Management Group, Gazinformservice LLC
Discussion questions:
  • Can in-house software development by vertically-integrated oil companies be efficient?
  • What types of software products can be developed by oil & gas companies and their IT subsidiaries?
  • Do vertically integrated oil companies need to coordinate their SW development to make sure they don’t create duplicating products? 
  • Is it advisable to use the services of offshore software developers for dedicated industry-specific IT solutions? 
  • Will there be a boom in the market of low-code development platforms (Appian, Visual LANSA, KiSSFLOW, Mendix, OutSystems, Salesforce, Microsoft PowerApps and etc.) as an alternative to expensive developers? 
  • Will IT-subsidiaries of oil companies dedicated to software development be entitled to new tax benefits for software companies (insurance contribution for IT companies has been reduced from 14% to 7.6%, and profit tax – from 20% to 3%)?
  • What will be the impact of VAT on software products, which will be implemented in January 2021, for IT subsidiaries of oil companies, dedicated to software development, and narrow-focused independent developers? 
  • Is there a chance that domestic software will be featured on global IT companies’ price lists? (in the footsteps of ASUproekt, whose project ‘Upstream Field Activity Management’ was included into SAP’s global price list)
Discussion participants:
  • Rustem Shakirov, Director, TatITneft
  • Vladimir Pavlov, Deputy Director of R&D and Innovations Department, Rosneft
  • Olga Oleneva, Project Director, Competence Center for Technology Development of Fuel & Energy Sector, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Belokrylov, CEO, BellSoft
  • Sergey Nikitin, Head of Product Management Group, Gazinformservice LLC
  • Fyodor Bayrakov, Head of Directorate for 1C, Gazpromneft-Digital Solutions

16:00-16:30 Digital Coffee Break: Digital Coffee Break: brief video clips from partners, time to visit the 3D exhibition

16:30-18:00 Session 8. The future of digital technologies in oil and gas sector: adjusted views and forecasts

  • Gazprom Neft Digital Technology Vision: benchmarking of digital technologies application by the leading industrial companies
    Mikhail Korolkov, Head of Digital Technology Center, Gazprom Neft
  • Gazprom Neft new “IT-cluster” as a tool speed-up the digital transformation
    Alexey Poperlyukov, Director General, Gazpromneft-Digital Solutions
  • Transforming technologies, which should be on the radar of oil and gas companies
    ​Maxim Grigoriev, Executive Partner, Gartner

Discussion participants:

  • Mikhail Korolkov, Head of Digital Technology Center, Gazprom Neft
  • Alexey Poperlyukov, Director General, Gazpromneft-Digital Solutions
  • Maxim Grigoriev, Executive Partner, Gartner
  • Oleg Laktyushin, CIO, Metalloinvest Group
  • Ekaterina Frolova, Deputy General Director for Production, Industrial Service Company “InfoTrans” (Russian Railways Group) 
  • Alexey Cholovskiy, Director, Oil & Gas, Accenture Russia and Kazakhstan