Micro-Electronics LLC

Micro-Electronics LLC is an integrator and exclusive supplier of test and measurement equipment, as well as RF coaxial and waveguide components for various applications. Our company’s specialists develop and implement software solutions that accelerate the process of high-tech equipment integration at the workplace.

We successfully carry out activities on:

  • supply of digital radio communication analyzers TETRA, DMR, APCO25, NXDN, dPMR.
  • supply and integration of solid-state and tube RF amplifiers;
  • turnkey installation of anechoic RF and shielded rooms;
  • turnkey installation of acoustic anechoic and reverberation chambers;
  • design and manufacture of antennas for various applications;
  • supply of RF components of coaxial and waveguide types;
  • the supply of systems for detecting the penetration of unauthorized UAVs;
  • automation of workplaces in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer.
NORSI-TRANS is one of the leading Russian companies in the market of development and implementation of informational analytical systems. Since 1996, we offer the best hardware and software solutions in the field of information security, lawful interception, network monitoring, analytical systems and platforms for business intelligence.
• Lawful Interception for Government Security;
• Corporate Information Security Systems;
• DDoS management systems;
• Content filtering systems;
• Information analytical systems and platforms;
• Business Intelligence Solutions;
• Data Storage Systems;
• Big Data Appliance Systems;
• Hardware and software solutions for monitoring and management of communication networks;
• Complex solutions for protection and analysis of communication network;
• Complex solutions for protection against network attacks for Data Centers;
• Software development according to the client's requirements.

At Critical Communications forum, Infotest-R and Radiocoda will showcase base and user equipment for digital operational communications system APEX, designed for fully-featured PMR networks.

The equipment was developed at the commission of Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation (MVD of Russia). The contracting authority is STiS MVD of Russia. Providers: Infotest-R OJSC, Radiocoda LLC, Radel Skb FGUP. The equipment has been deployed in the local agencies of Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation.

APEX radio communications system allows building APCO-25 PMR networks without foreign equipment. In 2019, a design for software upgrade to enable two digital standards of radio communications– APCO-25 and DMR – was tested successfully.  

Hardware-software complex “Alex” works in the UHF/VHF frequency bands and comprises: base stations of different channel capacity, diversity receivers, switching and control center, automated workstations for network administrator and duty officers, subscriber portable, automobile and stationary radio stations. Compatible with foreign-made radio stations.

OTZVUK Limited Liability Company (OTZVUK LLC)

OTZVUK Limited Liability Company (OTZVUK LLC) is a manufacturer of communication equipment, sound transmission, notification and wire broadcasting, supporting and developing directions in the development of equipment for alerting the population in settlements - from cities of federal significance to settlements. In the market for the supply of  telecommunications equipment for over 25 years. The development of the company kept pace with the times, the team used in the development the most modern and reliable solutions for transmitting sound in digital form.


  • provides support and after-sales support services for the equipment manufactured;
  • proprietary software PAK ACS “OTZVUK” allows monitoring, control and management of digital warning and broadcasting networks, as well as managing third-party devices. Work in the PAK ACS perfectly scales from one node to managing alert and broadcast networks of the megalopolis scale.

The development strategy of the company is associated with further improvement of equipment in terms of energy consumption and ease of  human management of complexes built on the OTZVUK equipment, expansion of functionality for processing digital audio information. 

Astra Linux

Astra Linux Group is a domestic vendor of Linux-based operating systems and virtualization platforms. The company’s products are listed in the register of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media, and accepted by the standards of federal executive authorities and state corporations. Astra Linux OS was developed in conjunction with RUSBITECH, the FSB Academy, Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It is the only OS in Russia to have a complete set of certificates from FSTEC of Russia, Ministry of Defense and the FSB. It is recommended for data of any level of confidentiality, including top state secrets. Astra Linux software is used by ministries, government agencies, state corporations and other key stakeholders of the domestic market.