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The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) was established in 2006. The Association's objective is to create a civilized information society, which will have its own legal system and the codes of professional activities that are to be accepted by both the users and the companies operating on the Internet. One of the key goals of the Association is to set up a dialogue between the state and the IT-companies. RAEC is actively involved in the solutions of socially important objectives aimed at the development of the information society in Russia and enhancing the image of Russia as of the responsible member of the global information community.

The Russian Data Center Industry Association

The Russian Data Center Industry Association is a professional non-profit organization. It conducts activities for data center market players. Association provides formalization and development fast-growing innovation market through standardization and popularization of industry.

The Internet of Things Association (IOTAS)

The Internet of Things Association (IOTAS) is a flagship Russian multi-stakeholder-based IoT-driven non-profit organization.

IOTAS operates as a platform for a region-wide expert dialogue on adoption of IoT/IIoT technology in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), bringing together experts from various industries keen to adopt the digital agenda, such as telecom, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, energy, and utilities.

IOTAS vigorously works in the area of awareness raising and education by providing expertise to the university community. The Association is also involved in a number of large-scale nationwide projects, such as Russia’s digital economy, smart cities and digital farming.

Since 2018 IOTAS joined  the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAASI)

In the middle of last century separate market segment was formed in international insurance market – aviation insurance market, specializing in accepting aviation and space risks.
Development of commercial insurance in Russia also lead to the formation of such specialized market in which operations are carried out for transfer and receipt of aviation and space risks.
A distinctive feature of aviation and space insurance is their catastrophic nature and losses, that can reach hundreds millions dollars USA per one event.
Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAASI) was founded by insurance companies in July 1996. Founders and organizers of RAASIs future activities are financially stable companies, that have high-level professionals in their structure, with expertise in aviation technology and aviation activities, as well as in space activities.
Basic participants of Association are such organizations as AlfaStrakhovanie, Ingosstrakh, Sogaz, VTB Insurance, VSK, Rosgosstrakh, TIT, Lexgarant. These and number of other companies cover a significant share of insurance aviation risks (air carriage, airport operations, production and repair of aviation equipment), and space activities risks (launching, orbit, ect.).


RUSSOFT is the most influential association of software developing companies in Russia. In 2021 we unite more than 200 IT-companies with over 70 000 of high-end professional employees. RUSSOFT represents the entire Russian software industry. The headquarter is located in Saint-Petersburg.

The Museum of Cosmonautics

The Museum of Cosmonautics is one of the largest scientific and technical museums in Russia. The history of the museum starts in 1964, when the Monument to the Conquerors of Space first appeared on the map of Moscow.

Today, the Museum of Cosmonautics is one of the top three most visited museums in Moscow’s Department of Culture.

The modern museum exposition is composed of eight exhibition halls. The museum’s collection includes more than 100,000 items: samples of rocket and aerospace technology, authentic relics, documents, philately, numismatics, decorative and applied works of art, and collections of paintings and graphics.

The museum tells the stories of the conquerors of space. Among them: the famous Belka and Strelka, authentic descent vehicles from Soyuz spacecraft, a model of the first artificial satellite “Sputnik,” the original Lunokhod control panel, a full-scale model of the base module of the “Mir” space station, and other space artefacts.

IT&Digital Directors Club

IT&Digital Directors Club
Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of the Russian economy through the "competent" use of IT.
Our asset is the IT leaders of the largest enterprises and organizations in various sectors of the economy.
Our region - All Russia
Directions of the Club's work:
- Improving the professional level of the Club members
- Formation of the "correct" image of the IT manager
- Professional and friendly communication
- Creation of a wide network of personal contacts

ANO ТТ | Consortium Telecommunication Technologies

ANO ТТ | Consortium Telecommunication Technologies was established in December 2019 by JSC Concern Sozvezdie (included to The Ruselectronics holding of Rostec Corporation), LLC RTC-Regional Initiative Center (included to PJSC Rostelecom) and JSC Element with the assistance of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, with the purpose of laying the groundwork for the implementation of the state strategy in the field of import substitution and development of Russian production of radio-electronic products for the telecommunications industry. ANO TT CEO - Gulnara Khasianova, CEO of PJSC Mirkon. Now there are more than 100 organizations in the Ecosystem, including: vendors, developers, consumers, universities, relevant ministries, partners and Associations.

The Association "Open net technologies"

The Association "Open net technologies" is an association of legal entities based on voluntary membership, created for the purpose of coordinating business activities, representing and protecting common, including professional, interests, in order to achieve socially useful goals that do not contradict the law and are of a non-commercial nature. The Association is a non-profit corporate organization.

Our mission to support manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, software developers and telecom operators in the development and application of open standards and technologies.

The Association was established in order to coordinate business activities, represent and protect the common, including professional, interests of the Association's members-organizations for the development of open communication networks that are participants in the telecommunications market in the field of developing communication networks of promising technologies organized on the basis of open international standards and technologies.


The Association сooperates with «Mintsifry Rossii»  RF. Publishes Technical Reference "Cables -2022", "Equipment for Fiber Optic Networks 2021"  http://excable.ru/ , http://asvoweb.ru/ . The Association has developed, tested practical methods of estimation of residual resource of optical communication lines.

International Telecommunications Academy (MAC)

International Telecommunications  Academy (MAC) is an international organization. It is a voluntary public association of academics, outstanding managers and highly skilled professionals. Co-operation is based on common professional interests, theoretical and practical issues in infocommunication development (Infocommunication = information + telecommunications (communication).

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