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Russian Association of Robotics (RAR)

Russian Association of Robotics (RAR) is the main organization in Russia that unites Russian and foreign robotic companies of all areas.

Our goals are to develop the robotics market, to expand international relations and to popularize robotics.

Representatives and members of the Association cooperate with government funds, relevant ministries and their departments, and take part in developing strategy and regulating the industry. Thanks to the Association's extensive internal and international network of contacts, the number of members’ partners and clients is growing not only in Russia, but also on the global market.

RAR is the voice of the industry and the main source of analytics and statistics on the Russian robotics market. Members of RAR are the first to have access to the latest research and data.

We are a club of like-minded people and we are changing the Russian robotics market.

The INFOPRO group

The INFOPRO group of companies specializes in optimizing the business processes of energy enterprises and energy-intensive industries in order to increase their economic efficiency. Industry expertise, experience and the use of information technology allow us to create solutions that take into account the specifics of the customers' business.

INFOPRO Group of Companies is a leading expert and consulting company in the energy sector

We save money for our customers and make their daily activities more efficient by automating key business processes.

The FinTech Association

The FinTech Association was established at the end of 2016 at the initiative of the Bank of Russia and key participants in the domestic financial market. This is a unique platform for constructive dialogue between the regulator and business representatives.

There an expert assessment of innovative technologies is formed, taking into account international experience, and concepts of financial technologies and approaches to their implementation are being developed.

Association goals:

Creation of conditions for the digitalization of the Russian economy.

Development and implementation of new technological solutions to ensure the development of the financial market of the Russian Federation.

The implementation of infrastructure solutions developed by members of the FinTech Association helps to reduce barriers to entry into the industry market and stimulate competition.

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