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The administration of the city of Yekaterinburg,

The administration of the city of Yekaterinburg, according to the Charter, is included in the structure of local self-government of the municipal formation "city of Yekaterinburg".

The city administration of Yekaterinburg is the executive and administrative body of local self-government of the municipality, endowed with its own powers to resolve issues of local importance. The powers of the Administration of the city of Yekaterinburg are determined by laws and other regulatory legal acts.

St. Petersburg Club of CIOs "SPb CIO Club"

St. Petersburg Club of CIOs "SPb CIO Club" is a professional community that unites CIOs of leading companies in the north-western region.

Mission of «SPb CIO Club» is to support and develop the professional community of CIOs.

The club was established in 2004 and contains over 600 members at the moment. Nowadays St. Petersburg club is considered authoritative, influential and methodologically strong professional IT-community in Russia. We are recognized not only other Russian professional associations, public organizations, but also western IT community. We are actively collaborating leading industry and business media as well as with major players of the IT market and multinational IT companies. Professional community is the ability to communicate, to exchange experiences, development and learning. Growth and enduring interest to the club’s activities confirms the need for its development.


The Technology Innovative Special Economic Zone “Innopolis” is a large-scale project to create a Russian center of information and communication technologies, the main task of which is to assist Russian and international companies in the implementation of investment projects in the field of high technologies.

The SEZ has formed a complex innovative environment consisting of a system of training of highly qualified personnel resources and access to the developed infrastructure of the international class. In record time, the SEZ and the surrounding area managed to create a unique environment for the work and life of employees of resident companies and their families with first-class business, social, educational and engineering infrastructure.

As of February 2020, 99 companies (85 residents and 14 partners) have chosen the SEZ as a place of development of their projects. Among them, such large companies as Yandex, Sberbank, Tinkoff Development Center, as well as companies with foreign participation: Schneider Electric (France), Soramitsu Laboratories (Japan), etc.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.
Founded in 1865 to facilitate international connectivity in communications networks, we allocate global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strive to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.  Every time you make a phone call via the mobile, access the Internet or send an email, you are benefitting from the work of ITU. 
ITU is committed to connecting all the world's people – wherever they live and whatever their means. Through our work, we protect and support everyone's right to communicate.​


RUSSOFT is the most influential association of software development companies in Russia. For 2023, the Association unites 350 IT companies with more than 80,000 highly qualified employees. RUSSOFT represents the entire industry of software development in Russia.

International portal "HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!"

The primary objective of the international portal "HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!" lies in demonstrating and promoting a positive image of

Russia: in presenting Russia as a highly-developed industrial, cultural, sports and tourism destination; utilizing additional opportunities for the development of business contacts and ties; attracting both Russian and foreign investors and partners; and popularizing the idea of corporate social responsibility and cultivating a sense of patriotism.

The portal presents CEOs and organizations who want to change the world’s perception of Russia, drawing on their own real-world experience to showcase the real Russia: its resources and demands. We are confident that in the near future, each and every Russian citizen will be rightly proud of their country. But this spirit must be built on a deep knowledge of this country, its regions and organizations. The international portal "HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!" offers cooperation to CEOs who are: looking for new partners; ready to support the idea of presenting the resources and demands of Russian organizations in Russia and at the international level; developing their organizations by actively using information technologies; protective of their business reputation and the reputation of their organizations.

IT & Digital Directors Club

IT & Digital Directors Club
Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of the Russian economy through the "competent" use of IT.
Our asset is the IT leaders of the largest enterprises and organizations in various sectors of the economy.
Our region - All Russia
Directions of the Club's work:
- Improving the professional level of the Club members
- Formation of the "correct" image of the IT manager
- Professional and friendly communication
- Creation of a wide network of personal contacts

International Telecommunications Academy (MAC)

International Telecommunications  Academy (MAC) is an international organization. It is a voluntary public association of academics, outstanding managers and highly skilled professionals. Co-operation is based on common professional interests, theoretical and practical issues in infocommunication development (Infocommunication = information + telecommunications (communication).