ProfComm-2023 – is a unique independent platform for an open dialogue and discussion of hot issues for the industry, major trends and further development prospects for professional networks and communication systems in the face of new external and internal challenges.

Operators of professional radio communications networks in Russia are implementing advanced developments, technologies of private networks LTE (pLTE), solutions based on broadband access and the capabilities of modern satellite communication systems. The speed of response to emergency situations, the quality of mass events and, most importantly, the level of safety of citizens, including in crowded places, depend on the reliable operation of such systems.

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The forum focuses on 7 main topics

  • The impact of the current political and economic situation on the PMR industry development

  • Import substitution: the potential and readiness of the Russian market to reach a new level, covering the growing demand. Dynamics of import substitution programs over the past year

  • Best practices for implementing PMR systems in the interests of the industry. New proposals from domestic hardware and software developers; compatibility with existing solutions

  • Readiness of PMR market participants to transfer CII facilities to domestic telecommunications equipment and regulatory requirements in this area
  • Barriers and approaches to the integration of PMR systems of different standards

  • pLTE networks: implemented projects, examples of implementation and operation

  • Space services for critical communications tasks


  • 5 reasons to visit the forum
  • The main professional event in Russia in the field of critical communications
  • 250+ members: the largest number of end users in one site
  • 92% of the audience recommend us to their colleagues
  • Exhibition of innovations, equipment and advanced technologies from Russian and foreign manufacturers
  • Evening reception: the main people of the industry, informal communication and a warm atmosphere


  • representatives of regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies and departments, design research institutes
  • representatives of telecom operators and PMR
  • representatives of telecommunications equipment manufacturers, IT companies, domestic software and specialized solutions
  • profile representatives of corporate consumers of communications services from key industries
  • leading industry experts
  • journalists from business and industry media



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The forum will host an exhibition of new proposals from domestic developers of telecommunications hardware and software More


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ГК «Информтехника» – ведущий российский разработчик и производитель современных средств связи с 30-тилетней историей, реализующий все телекоммуникационные системы предприятия (проводная связь, транкинговая радиосвязь TETRA, микросотовая связь DECT, IP-телефония, корпоративный мессенджер) в единое бесшовно-интегрированное решение. Вся продукция выпускается под торговой маркой «МиниКом», имеет статус ТОРП (Телекоммуникационное Оборудование Российского Производства) или находится в реестре ПО РФ. Новейшая разработка ГК «Информтехника» – система унифицированных коммуникаций ёмкостью до 500.000  абонентов, построенная на базе комбинированной IP-АТС «МиниКом МХ-1000. Заказчиками компании являются крупнейшие предприятия газовой, нефтяной, горнодобывающей и энергетической промышленности, транспортной отрасли, а также силовые ведомства и органы государственной власти.

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OOO «МПТ-Сервис проект»

OOO «МПТ-Сервис проект» основана в 2005 г. Входит в группу компаний МПТ-Сервис, деятельность которой началась в 1997 году. Организация специализируется на вопросах построения и обеспечения функционирования систем транкинговой связи протоколов МРТ-1327 и DMR. Решения OOO «МПТ-Сервис проект» основаны, как на использовании оборудования импортных брендов, так и на собственных разработках. В настоящий момент, основное внимание уделяется развитию технических решений по построению узкополосных УКВ систем радиосвязи в части их совместной эксплуатации с оборудованием, использующим высокоскоростные протоколы передачи. Основные клиенты нашей компании – горно-добывающие предприятия.

JSC "ISC "Severnaya Korona"

JSC "ISC "Severnaya Korona" is a Russian company operating in the high-tech market for more than 25 years.

The company takes an active part in the development of advanced satellite communication systems and networks, including those in low and highly elliptical orbits (Marathon IoT, Express-RV, etc.). Our competence includes the analysis and justification of the majority of system and technical issues that determine the technical characteristics and capabilities of new systems. Including, orbital construction, guaranteed radio visibility zones, multi-beam coverage, energy of radio links.

The accumulated experience and unique proprietary software allow us to carry out work on frequency-territorial planning of terrestrial professional radio communication networks (including DMR and LTE standards) with the maximum degree of efficiency and reliability.

The company is one of the leaders in the supply of specialized software (CAD "Albatros"), designed for the design of satellite and terrestrial radio systems for information transmission.


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