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ComNews is delighted to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the 11th International Business Forum “Wireless Russia & CIS: LTE, 5G and Internet of Things”.

Date and venue: May 30-31, 2019, Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya Hotel (11А-4 Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya street, Moscow).

The year 2018 was pivotal for 5G: what has been a future dream is becoming part of our everyday life. In July 2018, 3GPP approved the 5G New Radio (NR) Standalone specifications, which allow operators to roll out independent wireless 5G systems. This and the NR Non-Standalone specifications, approved in December 2017 for 5G systems with an LTE anchor, are included into the 3GPP’s LTE Release 15(or as the ITU prefers to call it – IMT-2020), which is focused on enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB). The first commercial 5G network fragments, both Non-Standalone and Standalone, appeared (namely, in the USA and the Republic of Korea) in the second half of 2018. In July 2019, 3GPP has scheduled the LTE Release 16, which will contain specifications for all aspects of 5G: eMBB, Ultra-Reliable Low latency Communications (URLLC) and enhanced Machine-Type Communications (eMTC).

To a large degree, 5G networks will be used to connect devices, rather than people. And as for IoT, apart from 3GPP, there are several other emerging technologies, the most important ones being LoRaWAN, SigFox, RPMA Technology from Ingenu, Weightless SIG, XNB by Strij (Russia), and Narrow Band Fidelity (NB-FI) brought by another Russian IoT-player – Waviot.

The breakthrough in new wireless technologies and the new paradigm implemented by mobile service providers, shifting focus from subscribers to devices, raises many questions before MVNOs concerning the efficiency of their business models. Another topical issue is the new principles in the interaction between network operators and MVNO amid oversaturation in the traditional mobile market, and opportunities for infrastructure operators (where conventional host-operators turn into MVNO).

Wireless Russia & CIS Forum 2019, will look into these and other topics through speaker presentations and expert discussions. Traditionally for the Forum, it will count with participation of representatives of headline global associations (such as, 5G Infrastructure Association, GSA or MVNO Europe), industry partnerships (5G-PPP, ETSI, 3GPP) and companies from Russia, other countries of EAEU and beyond. Wireless Russia & CIS Forum 2019 will gather about 300 speakers and delegates from mobile service providers from Russia and EAEU, MVNO (notably, banks), IoT market players, suppliers of digital solutions and equipment, regulators and standards authorities – both Russian and international.

Main topics of the Forum:

  • Roadmap for the final version of 5G/IMT-2020 standard (including LTE Release 15 and Release 16, scheduled for July 2019) – should operators wait for the summer 2019, or build their networks based on Release 15?
  • Frequency spectrum for 5G networks: international coordination, Russian specifics and approaches to organization of international roaming in the situation when different countries use different frequency bands
  • Final concept for 5G networks in Russia (based on two concepts developed by the LTE Union/Spectrum Management and NIIR)
  • Outlook for the launch of new commercial 5G networks – regions and timelines
  • IoT-landscape: NB-IoT, eMTC, EC-GSM-IoT, LoRaWAN, SigFox, RPMA (Ingenu), Weightless SIG, XNB («Strij»), Narrow Band Fidelity (NB-FI, Waviot) and other technologies – complementarity, interoperability or competition
  • 5G application beyond IoT – approaches and practical cases
  • Hot markets for 5G and IoT: Smart City, smart infrastructure, self-driving vehicles
  • 5G and digital economy – vertical markets’ needs and demands
  • New business models for telecommunications companies in the digital transformation age – from universal provider of minutes and megabytes to digital platform or digital lifestyle operator and provider of dedicated digital services for different industries and separate companies
  • Mobile backhaul and fronthaul – new vision, approaches and technologies
  • Mobile service quality – approaches to regulation (government control, soft regulations or competition as a natural driver) and new technical capabilities for measurement in mobile networks.
  • New business models in MVNO – practices and approaches of companies, that use mobile to support their main business (banks, retailers, and etc.); opportunities for virtual operators opened by 5G and IoT
  • 5G infrastructure operators – opportunities and risks


We look forward to seeing you at the Forum in Moscow!


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Report on Wireless Russia & CIS Forum: LTE, 5G & Beyond

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