About the event

Dear ladies & gentlemen!

COMNEWS invites you and your colleagues to attend the 5th Business Forum Telecom of the Russian Capitals: ICT on the city’s duty.

Date and venue: February 21, 2018 in AZIMUT Hotel Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg, Lermontovsky prospekt 43/1).

Russian telecom operators are looking for new growth points to move beyond their conventional business. Everyone can see how digital economy is gathering pace, and they want to become an important element of the value added chain. The sky is the limit when it comes to telecom companies operating in separate cities, as Russia, same as many other countries of the world, is overridden by urbanization processes, and on the global level, it is no longer the countries, but cities who compete for young professional talents. In the forward-looking cities, governments actively use ICT to make people’s life safer and more comfortable, to eliminate administrative barriers to businesses, foster unity and trust in the society. The core of all these processes is digital data, which need collection transfer, storage and processing. This is enabled by telecom infrastructure, which de facto lies in the foundation of digital economy. The new digital reality requires reframing of all market players’ roles: operators, IT companies, government agencies, corporations. Business forum Telecom of the Russian Capitals is designed to encourage this dialogue, help seek out new business opportunities, and facilitate best practice exchange in the ICT areas between the Russian cities.

Main topics of the Business Forum:

  1. Digital technologies for people, business, society (digital platforms for cities, data exchange in the eco-system, e-democracy)
  2. Practical examples of Smart City elements (smart parking lots, smart public transport isles, smart transport infrastructure and readiness for self-driving public transport)
  3. IoT technologies for smart resource management (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, “Strizh”, Sigfox and etc.)
  4. Clear Sky program in the lead-up to FIFA World Cup 2018.
  5. Public Internet access in transport and public places (city WiFi)
  6. Communications in the service of the cities (FTTx, PON, LTE, plans for 5G rollout)
  7. Federal telecom companies vs independent local operators – who is growing their share in the cities

In 2018, Business Forum Telecom of the Russian Capitals has expanded its geography: unlike previous years, this time it will be attended by operators, local government, and numerous players from digital eco-system of not only Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also many other cities of Russia.

Forum audience: regulators, government development institutions, regional and federal telecom operators, players from the IT market, energy distribution companies and other utilities, vendors of electronic metering devices, developers and integrators of telecommunication solutions, and also industry media and experts. Expected attendance – 170 pers.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the forum in Saint Petersburg!

Sincerely yours,
Anastasia Molozhina
Conference Producer, COMNEWS

For sponsor participation please contact Gleb Ivanov, Head of Sponsorship Sales, COMNEWS: gi@comnews.ru
To attend as a delegate, please contact Olga Dolenko, Head of Delegate Sales, COMNEWS: od@comnews.ru

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