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The Association "Open net technologies"

The Association "Open net technologies" is an association of legal entities based on voluntary membership, created for the purpose of coordinating business activities, representing and protecting common, including professional, interests, in order to achieve socially useful goals that do not contradict the law and are of a non-commercial nature. The Association is a non-profit corporate organization.

Our mission to support manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, software developers and telecom operators in the development and application of open standards and technologies.

The Association was established in order to coordinate business activities, represent and protect the common, including professional, interests of the Association's members-organizations for the development of open communication networks that are participants in the telecommunications market in the field of developing communication networks of promising technologies organized on the basis of open international standards and technologies.


RUSSOFT is the most influential association of software developing companies in Russia. In 2021 we unite more than 200 IT-companies with over 70 000 of high-end professional employees. RUSSOFT represents the entire Russian software industry. The headquarter is located in Saint-Petersburg.

The Russian Data Center Industry Association

The Russian Data Center Industry Association is a professional non-profit organization. It conducts activities for data center market players. Association provides formalization and development fast-growing innovation market through standardization and popularization of industry.

The Internet of Things Association (IOTAS)

The Internet of Things Association (IOTAS) is a flagship Russian multi-stakeholder-based IoT-driven non-profit organization.

IOTAS operates as a platform for a region-wide expert dialogue on adoption of IoT/IIoT technology in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), bringing together experts from various industries keen to adopt the digital agenda, such as telecom, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, energy, and utilities.

IOTAS vigorously works in the area of awareness raising and education by providing expertise to the university community. The Association is also involved in a number of large-scale nationwide projects, such as Russia’s digital economy, smart cities and digital farming.

Since 2018 IOTAS joined  the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The Big Data Association

The Big Data Association was founded in Russia in October 2018. Today the Members of the Association include Yandex, VK, SberBank, Gazprombank, Tinkoff Bank, MegaFon, Rostelecom, oneFactor, QIWI, Beeline, MTS, the Skolkovo Foundation, the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, VTB Bank, Center for Strategic Research (CSR), Magnit.

The mission of the Association is to create favorable conditions for technologies and product design in Russia’s Big Data market. The Association is engaged in developing common principles and standards for processing, storing, transmitting and using Big Data. The Association Members’ joint solutions will form the basis for the Big Data policy in each Member company.

Our priority tasks include developing a business-oriented strategy for the development of the Big Data market, enhancing the technical and operational efficiency of interactions between the industry participants, and developing of a Code of Ethics for the use of Big Data to protect the Users’ interests.

International Telecommunications Academy (MAC)

International Telecommunications  Academy (MAC) is an international organization. It is a voluntary public association of academics, outstanding managers and highly skilled professionals. Co-operation is based on common professional interests, theoretical and practical issues in infocommunication development (Infocommunication = information + telecommunications (communication).

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