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ComNews Information Group is happy to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the large-scale industry event – The 3rd Federal IT Forum of the Russian Agro-Industry Sector “Smart Agro: Digital Transformation in the Agricultural Industry”.

Date: October 21, 2021

Venue: Hotel “Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya”, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St., 11a, building 4, Moscow

The event provides for the possibility of online participation. The broadcast for listeners will take place on the project's website, for speakers there is the possibility of online connection with colleagues on the podium.

The IT Forum of the Russian Agro-Industry Sector is a unique platform for discussing and sharing experience on IT key issues and topical problems in the Russian agro-industry sector, including innovative technologies and developing approaches to the implementation of IT projects with the participation of business, developers and the state in the conditions of new political and economic situation.

The Russian agro-industry sector passed the pandemic and was able to increase exports to a record of 30.5 billion rubles. Now the task is to learn how to live in new realities and solve new problems. The first key area is the agro-industry sector’s “total digitalization”. The pandemic has accelerated this process. Already today, business is cutting costs using various technologies: precision farming, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.

The IT forum goal in 2021 will be the dialogue between government officials and business community to discuss the most pressing issues faced by the agro-industry market participants in regard to digital transformation in the post-pandemic period.

The most important topic of the forum in 2021 is the discussion of the Digital Agriculture Project implementation. The agro-industry sector is one of the largest consumers of digital solutions. But only about 10% of arable land is processed using digital solutions. The turning point and one of the main tasks in the development of domestic crop production will be the massive introduction of precision farming technologies. The latest technologies, and above all the AI in agriculture, should become the same widespread and accessible technology as electricity. By 2024, digital twins will appear in the agro-industry sector. These will be farm models with the full range of tools, from weather forecasting to selection of production capacity and staffing. Conditions for accelerating their implementation, removing barriers to this, solving the hiring and staffing issue are the main tasks for the near future.

The main topics of the forum:

  • How to ensure the synergistic effect from the work of the federal center and regional authorities and business in the process of the agriculture digital transformation?
  • What are the main challenges facing the industry in implementing digitalization activities?
  • What are the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the industry digital transformation?
  • What should be the regulatory measures in regard to the agro-industry sector digitalization?
  • The national platform of digital agriculture: creation’s goals and objectives, development program and prospects for use
  • How to ensure equal opportunities for regions to use digital technologies in agriculture
  • Precision farming
  • State support for the implementation of precision farming systems
  • Regulatory and technological barriers to the precision farming technologies development in Russia
  • Digital twin technology: to what extent is it in demand in agriculture?
  • What tasks could be solved with the help of digital twin’s technology in the agro-industry sector?
  • What could form the basis of the digital twin in agriculture
  • • Internet of Things (IoTAg) as the basis for digitalization of agriculture
  • • AI in crop and livestock production
  • • Possibilities of using cloud technologies in agriculture

Forum audience: heads and managers of the digital transformation departments and IT services of large agricultural enterprises and food industry corporations, heads of farm enterprises, representatives of regulatory bodies, state institutions and development funds; top managers of domestic developers of IT solutions, software, telecommunications equipment and ACS; telecom operators; application developers; heads of integration companies; heads of Russian offices of foreign vendors; business and industry media; industry’s analysts and experts.


We look forward to seeing you in Moscow at the Federal IT Forum of the Russian Agro-Industry Sector “Smart Agro: Digital Transformation in the Agricultural Industry” on October 21, 2021!


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IT Forum Organizing Committee

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