About the event

ComNews Information Group would like to invite you and your colleagues to a major industry event – the 2nd Federal IT Forum of Russia’s Agro-Industry – “Smart Agro: Digital Transformation in Agriculture”

Date: October 6, 2020

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya Hotel, ul. Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 11 build.4, Moscow.

IT Forum of Russia’s Agro-Industry is a unique platform for discussion and exchange of experiences and best practices in IT in the Russian farming industry, including innovative technologies and approaches to implementation of IT projects  bringing together businesses, developers and government in the new political and economic conditions.

In the beginning of this year, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Until now, agriculture has not been affected by the pandemic as badly as some others, but the industry is reporting new challenges. Despite a difficult economic situation, several sectors of the Russian agro-industry may find new growth opportunities.

The goal of the IT Forum in 2020 will be to resume face-to-face dialogue between the government and business community in the offline format to discuss the burning issues faced by the agro-industry in relation with the digital transformation.

The core theme of the forum in 2020 will be the implementation of the national project “Digital Agriculture”, the opportunities and challenges of the transitional period, and ways to accelerate industry-wide change. Crop- and animal farming are the two segments of the global agro-business, whose future directly relies on digital technologies. Enabling a favorable implementation environment, removing the existing barriers, addressing the demand for qualified personnel, eliminating digital inequality – these are the priorities for the immediate future.

Key topics of the forum:

  • Key priorities addressed and bottlenecks identified during the implementation of phase 1 of the ministerial project “Digital Agriculture”
  • Enabling cooperation between government organizations, regions, big agricultural companies and small farmers within the implementation of “Digital Agriculture” project
  • Prerequisites to accelerate digital transformation of agro-industry
  • How to ensure equal opportunities for all regions in terms of access to digital technologies for agriculture?
  • How to prepare staff with digital economy skills for agro-companies?
  • How can digital transformation facilitate imports phase-out and food security?
  • How did digital technologies help to ensure business continuity in the agro-industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will the demand for such solutions continue in the future?
  • Digital transformation of crop farming: key trends, opportunities and threats of the transitional period.
  • Agro IoT as a foundation for digital transformation of crop farming
  • Implementation of digital platforms: regional cases
  • Comprehensive digital systems: “Digital land-use management”, “Smart field”, “Smart garden”, “Smart greenhouse”. Practical cases.
  • Specifics of implementation of digital technologies in the Russian animal farming sector
  • “Digital” animal life: How technologies can make life more comfortable for cattle


Forum audience: heads and managers of digital transformation and IT departments of the largest agro-companies and food corporations, heads of owner-operated farms; regulators; development institutions and funds; top managers of domestic developers of IT solutions, software, telecom equipment, and distributed control systems; heads of integrator companies; head of Russian offices of international vendors; business and industry media, industry experts and analysts.


We look forward to seeing you in Moscow at the 2nd Federal IT Forum of Russia’s Agro-Industry – “Smart Agro: Digital Transformation in Agriculture” on October 6, 2020!


Best regards, Organizing Committee

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