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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!


COMNEWS Group would like to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the 12th International Conference SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2020 – Spaceсrafts and Satellite Communications on Different Orbits Amid COVID-19, 5G Rollout and

Growing Private Initiative in Rocket and Space Engineering. Your health is our top priority, and in order to ensure a diverse panel of speakers from different countries, in 2020 the conference will be held in the online format.

Date: July 23, 2020

SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS is the only independent forum in Russia dedicated to satellite communications, broadcasting, rocket and space equipment and launch services. SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS annually gathers the main competitors from every niche of the market – from spacecraft development, manufacturing and launch to providers of fixed/mobile satellite communications and Earth’s remote sensing.

SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2020 will substitute the forum of the same name, initially scheduled to take place on April 8th, and Maritime Satellite Communications forum, scheduled on April 9th.  Both events had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effects of COVID-19 on the satellite market have found their way into the revised program of SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2020. The pandemic and the global economic crisis it provoked have had an adverse effect on all sectors of the economy: corporate customers are forced to cut costs, government programs are being sequestered, some companies suspend manufacturing, there is a temporary collapse on the air transport market, which implies difficulties for equipment supply – all this has taken its toll on satellite operators and vendors of customer equipment.

But just as important is the discussion about the role of satellite communications in 5G rollout, the outlook for new non-geostationary constellations and approaches to commercialization of spatial activities (New Space).

SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2020 forum will feature three sessions, 1.5 hours long each:

  • Session 1: B2B  sector in satellite services in the aftermath of COVID-19 – what will be the repercussions of the trend for unmanned technologies and remote work in different sectors of the economy in combination with the economic crisis and reduction of corporate budgets for the market of satellite equipment and services
  • Session 2: New technologies in space and on Earth – how manufacturers of satellite and terrestrial equipment shall address new challenges (expansion of optical network coverage, increasing number of commercial 5G networks, and growing demand for broad reverse channels in view of wide-scale switching to work from home)
  • Session 3: New Space: commercialization of spatial activities and startups in satellite/rocket/terrestrial equipment engineering


To make the event more dynamic, each session will be followed with a 30-min debate:

  • Debate 1: Which one is a stronger – an elephant or a whale? – Geostationary VS non-geostationary orbit satellites (LEO/MEO/HEO)
  • Debate 2: Using Ka-band for mass market services through VNO only VS own services
  • Debate 3: Pardon impossible to execute – Can private space initiatives in Russia be feasible and safe for business?

SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2020 will gather regulators, senior executives of domestic and international satellite communications operators, television and radio broadcasting companies and broadcasting networks, manufacturers of satellites and space equipment, providers of launch services, financial and insurance companies, the New Space market players, industry consultants and media, corporate customers of satellite services


We look forward to seeing you at the online conference SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS on July 23, 2020!


For speaker opportunities, please contact Leonid Konik: editor@comnews.ru, mob. +7 901 315-6799

For sponsorship, please contact Irina Glukhova: irina@comnews.ru, mob. +7 926 212-9503

To participate as a delegate, please contact Olga Dolenko: od@comnews.ru, mob. +7 916 337-3785