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Federal Agency of Communications (Rossvyaz) is a Federal Executive Body, executing functions of state property administration and telecommunication and postal state services rendering, including construction, development and utilization of communication networks, satellite systems, TV and radio broadcasting systems.
Rossvyaz is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation


Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities

ROSCOSMOS is a state corporation established in August 2015 to carry out a comprehensive reform of Russia’s rocket and space industry.

ROSCOSMOS is the governmental body responsible for the national space science program and its legal and regulatory framework. The corporation also places orders for the development and manufacturing of space systems and infrastructure.

Its functions also include development of international space collaboration and enabling social and economic growth in Russia by harnessing on space initiatives.  




EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing ​Companies, is a ​membership​­based, not for profit European ​organisation which coordinates and promotes activities of European companies engaged in delivering EO geo­information services. Today EARSC has 85 members (74 full members and 11 observers), coming from 23 countries covering the full EO services value chain including commercial operators of EO satellites, resellers of data, value-adding companies, geospatial information suppliers, consultancies and EO system/software providers. EARSC's key goal is to help promote the industry and to help develop the market for these services. EARSC is representing the European providers of geo-information services in its broadest sense creating a network between industry, decision makers and users. The Association regularly surveys the state and health of the companies providing EO services in Europe, and performs studies into the impact of EO geo-information services. The Association promotes the industry through networking events such as workshops and dedicated meetings, as well as through the Community tools(eopages, eowiki, eomag).

ESOA is the Brussels-based, CEO driven association of satellite operators based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Together they fly over 200 satellites that provide critical satellite communications services worldwide. 
The Vision of ESOA is a world that fully captures the benefits that satellites can bring, where policy makers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, health and social divides across diverse geographies, mature and developing economies and in remote places, on land, at sea, in the air, leveraging satellite solutions (communication/ earth observation/ navigation) in synergy with terrestrial communications means that lack economies of scale, reach or robustness.
In a world where data traffic is set to ever increase with the emergence of new applications and communications services, the Internet of Things and ultra-high quality video all driving citizens’, enterprise and government demand for more data anytime, anywhere, and on any device, ESOA recognises that no one technology will satisfy these needs. The Association is committed to ensuring policymakers and stakeholders understand, leverage and ultimately benefit from the strengths of satellite services to enable a fully connected world.

Headquartered in London, with a regional office in Washington, D.C.,GVF is the international non-profit association, and the unified voice, of the satellite communications sector. An independent, non-partisan organisation with 230+ members from more than 100 countries, the GVF brings together organisations engaged in the delivery of advanced broadband and narrowband satellite services worldwide. The broad-based membership represents every major world region and every sector of the satellite industry, including fixed and mobile satellite operators, satellite network operators, teleports, satellite earth station manufacturers, system integrators, value added and enhanced service providers, telecom carriers, consultants, law firms, and users.

Национальная Ассоциация Телерадиовещателей (НАТ)

National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters (NAT) is the largest professional union of broadcasting companies in Russia. NAT members include national, federal and regional companies, content producers and integrators, research and academic establishments, media measurement providers and other organizations.
NAT has its own information resource – an interactive TV and Radio Atlas of Russia, which works in all regions of the Russian Federation and is open to the wide public.
NAT defends its members’ rights and interest on the federal and regional levels, takes part in the development of legislative framework for the e-media and migration of TV and radio to new digital technologies.

NAT representatives participate in task teams with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Roskomnadzor, Russian TV and Radiobroadcasting Network, issue expert judgment on draft laws and administrative regulations of Rospechat and Roskomnadzor, collaborate with Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federal Customs Service, Russian Copyright Society, Russian Organization for Intellectual Property, and other organizations.
NAT President E.Sagalaev and Board members K.Ernst and O.Dobrodeev are also members of the Governmental Commission for TV and Radio Broadcasting.
NAT specifically focuses on regional and thematic non-terrestrial channels and pursues development of new business models for them in the digital environment.
Key projects and events of the Association: International Exhibition of Professional Equipment and Technologies for Television, Radio and Internet broadcasting NATEXPO, International Broadcast Content Market Moscow TeleShow, children’s TV festival “Tune in!” and the festival of socially important TV programs “A Hero Of Our Time”, national awards in satellite, cable and online television “Golden Beam”, and TV technologies awards named after Zvorykin.  

International Telecommunications Academy (MAC)

International Telecommunications  Academy (MAC) is an international organization. It is a voluntary public association of academics, outstanding managers and highly skilled professionals. Co-operation is based on common professional interests, theoretical and practical issues in infocommunication development (Infocommunication = information + telecommunications (communication).

Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAASI)

In the middle of last century separate market segment was formed in international insurance market – aviation insurance market, specializing in accepting aviation and space risks.
Development of commercial insurance in Russia also lead to the formation of such specialized market in which operations are carried out for transfer and receipt of aviation and space risks.
A distinctive feature of aviation and space insurance is their catastrophic nature and losses, that can reach hundreds millions dollars USA per one event.
Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAASI) was founded by insurance companies in July 1996. Founders and organizers of RAASIs future activities are financially stable companies, that have high-level professionals in their structure, with expertise in aviation technology and aviation activities, as well as in space activities.
Basic participants of Association are such organizations as AlfaStrakhovanie, Ingosstrakh, Sogaz, VTB Insurance, VSK, Rosgosstrakh, TIT, Lexgarant. These and number of other companies cover a significant share of insurance aviation risks (air carriage, airport operations, production and repair of aviation equipment), and space activities risks (launching, orbit, ect.).