General Partner
Joint Stock Company Gazprom Space Systems

Joint Stock Company Gazprom Space Systems, a subsidiary of Gazprom, carries out space activity in the area of creation and operation of telecommunication and geoinformation systems in the interests of Gazprom group companies and other customers. Gazprom Space Systems is one of the two Russian national satellite operators and one of about 50 satellite operators in the world. Gazprom Space Systems has created, and now operates and develops Yamal satellite communication system, develops SMOTR aerospace monitoring system. The company provides telecommunication and geo-information services, such as provision of satellite capacity, organization of trunk communication links, satellite television broadcasting, satellite Internet access for the corporate sector and individuals, unmanned aerial patrolling, mapping of objects, development of subject maps and plans of objects and territories, information support of cadastral activities, etc. based on the data of aerial unmanned and space shooting.

Official Partner
Tricolor TV

Tricolor TV is the largest digital TV operator broadcasting the TV channel package within the European part of the Russian Federation (using the Экспресс-АМУ1 (Express-AMU1) / Eutelsat 36B satellites), as well as within the territories of the Siberian district, the Ural district and the part of the Far Eastern District (using the Express-AT1 spacecraft). According to the TMT Consulting research company, Tricolor TV is the leader in the Russian Pay TV market (with its 29%), the operator’s percentage in the satellite segment is about 75%. At the end of III quarter of 2017 the active database of subscribers of Tricolor TV includes 12.24 million of subscriber homes. The audience includes about 40 million viewers meaning that almost every fourth citizen of the country watches Tricolor TV. The implementation of high definition television technologies is one of the key competences of Tricolor TV. The operator is the absolute leader of HDTV viewing in the Russian Federation. At the end of III quarter of 2017 the percentage of HD subscribers of the operator exceeded 71% of the total subscriber database. The number of subscribers of Tricolor TV connected to HDTV reached 9.3 million. The proportion of HD subscribers in the structure of new connections is 100%.


10 years of Ka-band Expertise
The Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC)

The Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) is the Russian state satellite operator whose spacecraft provide a global coverage. RSCC belongs to the ten largest world satellite operators in terms of satellites and orbital slots and has more than 50 years of experience. RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services via its own satellite fleet of 12 satellites and terrestrial infrastructure: video distribution and contributions, DTH services, satellite news gathering, presidential and government applications, broadband access and Internet, IP trunking and cellular backhaul, mobility solutions for vessels and other. The company deploys regional TV satellite distribution networks as well as multi-functional corporate and government VSAT networks. Besides, RSCC provides satellite telemetry, tracking and control services to other operators. Today RSCC is present at all geographically available markets, providing services for customers from 52 countries worldwide.

The company possesses the largest satellite constellation in Russia located in the geostationary orbital arc from 14 West to 145 East and cover the whole territory of Russia, the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific region, North and South America, and Australia. RSCC includes five teleports - Satellite Communications Centers (SCC): Dubna, Bear Lakes, Skolkovo, Zheleznogorsk, Khabarovsk and the Shabolovka Technical Center in Moscow as well as its own high-speed optical-fiber digital network.