Ladies and Gentlemen,

COMNEWS is honored to invite you to the 7th International Business Forum "Broadband – Infrastructure for Digital Economy2017". Held for the 7th year in a row, the Forum will take place 23-24 November at Holiday Inn Lesnaya (15, Lesnaya St., Moscow).

The Russian market of traditional telecommunication services is facing a stagnation which is caused by three factors. First, the penetration rate of mobile communications, broadband Internet, and subscription-based TV has increased drastically. Second, in each market segment, there are at least four providers, which translates into increasingly high competition, including price-based. Third, the positions of licensed operators are undermined by ОТТ providers, who offer their services free of charge or at very low prices.

At the same time, operators see new business opportunities, which are much bigger than the traditional telecommunications market. These opportunities are driven by the Digital Transformation, which is underway in all verticals, both in Russia and internationally. Corporations in each vertical of the market, from banking to retail and from oil&gas to automotive industry, are being transformed into IT companies. They are migrating to digital business tools, switching from statistics based on historical data to predictive analytics and ‘future management’, and looking at becoming a Real-Time Enterprise.

This Digital Transformation is not possible without information technology, and new highly performant telecom infrastructure is required to collect, transmit with a minimal delay, and process huge volumes of data. Moreover, the operators will have to give up their traditional business model based on selling megabytes, megabits per second or minutes, and find new ones that enable offering end-to-end digital solutions and customized services meeting the requirements of specific sectors of the economy or individual enterprise customers.

It is this topic, rather than just basic questions of Internet market development in Russia, that will be in the focus of Broadband 2017, a major event, which is becoming the main platform for the discussion of the role of telecom operators in the upcoming Digital Transformation.

In the end of the first day of the Forum, all the participants will be invited to the COMNEWS AWARDS ceremony. The winners will be decided based on the analysis by ‘The Digital Transformation – Best Practices’ yearly (previously ‘Encyclopedia of Telecommunications and Broadcasting – Ratings’). The new issue of the yearly will be presented at the ceremony and given to each participant and guest.

Key Topics of Broadband 2017:

  • New broadband network requirements in the era of Digital Transformation
  • National digital infrastructure and digital divide policy
  • Innovation in broadband network architecture, technology, and business models
  • New services and content in broadband networks
  • Cloud strategies of broadband service providers
  • Smart networks: network infrastructure monitoring and intelligent traffic management
  • Network function visualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN): technology and business
  • International 5G development initiatives and prospects for standardization
  • Operator's preparation strategy before launching 5G networks
  • Transformation of business models and new opportunities for operators in the digital reality
  • IoT technologies for Smart City and Safe City projects
  • Drivers for the implementation and first implementations of IoT/industrial IoT (IIoT) in different industries
  • A new role of corporate data: Master Data Management, Big Data, transformation of data into digital assets, data management, and monetization on data
  • Artificial intelligence: R&D and first applications in the digital economy building
  • New technologies and solutions offered by IT and telecommunication companies to New Economy stakeholders
  • Everything as a service – new opportunities offered to operators by the era of transformation of goods into digital services and applications

These and some other topics will form the agenda of Broadband Russia Forum 2017, which in the past seven years has become the main venue for representatives of major corporations from different sectors of the economy, top managers of operator companies and regulatory organizations, as well as all those who innovate for the ICT industry.

Participants: top managers of fixed, mobile, and satellite communication companies; representatives of regulatory and other government bodies; heads of international and national industrial associations and business communities; IT and telecommunication department managers of major corporations from different verticals of the market; top managers of telecommunication equipment vendors and providers of IT solutions and digital services; system integrators, content providers, consultants, industry experts, and leading journalists from business and industrial media.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Broadband 2017.

With very best wishes,
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